522 St Clair Ave W, Toronto – SOLD – New Condo Investment Opportunity

Image 22 Forest Hill New Condo Project - Screenshot - 16_11_2015

You Are Invited To A VIP Condo Event For:

The Investor Suites at Forest Hill


Own For $10,399*

Incredible Deposit Match Program*

Investors: Earn 18.7% Return Per Year*

Suites Starting From The 300’s

7 PM

Wednesday November 25th 2015

To RSVP, please complete “Contact Max” form below and send email with your name and cell phone number and please mention ” VIP Condo Event For The Investor Suites at Forest Hill on November 25th” or
contact Max Seal, Broker at 647-294-1177 directly. Prior “Investment Presentation” can be arranged in our “Presentation Office”. I look forward to seeing you at the event.



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