Dated Archives: October 2, 2015

Day: October 2, 2015 WOW’s $99 Iceland Flights Challenge Established Airlines

  The bargain basement airline business is littered with failures. But that doesn’t frighten WOW’s Icelandic founder Skúli Mogensen, who started the airline with a personal fortune he made in Montreal. Mogensen says his business represents the future and it is the establishment airlines who should worry. That may depend on whether WOW, which will begin next May by offering flights priced as low as $149 from Toronto and Montreal to Europe and as low as $99 to Iceland, can survive in the niche no-frills market where every “extra” service has its price. WOW air launches $99 flights from Canada to Iceland, $149 to Europe WestJet launches London flights

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Day: October 2, 2015 Uber Vs. the World, How Cities Are Dealing With Ride-hailing Technology

  “Uber is so big and so pervasive, it’s like the internet of transportation,” says John-Kurt Pliniussen of Queen’s University’s School of Business. Even in the face of negative headlines about sexual assaults, concerns over data privacy, protests from taxi drivers, raids on its offices and outright bans, the California-based ride-hailing company continues to grow. Toronto city council asked staff to develop new rules to accommodate it within municipal taxi and limousine bylaws. Why cities need to regulate Uber: Valverde Why transport apps like Uber are shaking up how you get around Uber vs. Taxi: Why the taxi industry will never be the same How the sharing economy took off

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